Annapurna Circuit Trek Permits: Why, How and Where

Annapunra Circuit trek permits

Are you planning for Annapurna Circuit Trek? The primary things you should focus on are the permits. There are two mandatory permits one needs to attain before beginning their trek in this region: Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) permit and Trekkers Information Management Systems (TIMS) permit. ACAP permit is required for your entry to the Annapurna Conservation Area (ACA) since the ACA includes a major portion of the trek. TIMS permit is required to trek …

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10 Nepalese Food You Should Try When Visiting Nepal

Momo Nepalese Food

We are often asked what is Nepali food?  Or what are the best Nepali foods to try when visiting the country? Here are 10 of our favourites. Dal Bhat Takari  This is the favourite food of every Nepali.  In actual fact, this is the staple food of every Nepali.  They eat it twice a day! Every day.   What is Dal Bhat Tarkari? Basically, this is a vegetable curry (takari) served with dal (lentil) soup and …

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These 10 short treks in Nepal are ideal for travellers with limited time and want to experience trekking.

Many people would love to come to Nepal and go trekking. Thousands come every year.  Who would not love to trek in the Himalayas? But we realise that not everyone gets away for long breaks from their work.  The majority of the world gets 2 or 3 weeks of annual leave. Within that short window of time, there are airports to negotiate, and a bit of cultural sightseeing to do before getting out into the …

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How to obtain your visa for Nepal

Nepal visa

Everyone needs a visa for Nepal but with so many recent changes it can be really confusing. Let’s start with the basics – the tourist visa.   Assuming you are not Indian, American, from a SAARC country or Chinese you get basically the same tourist visa. That is unless you are from one of the countries listed below that require a visa BEFORE arrival in Nepal.  To obtain a tourist visa you need to either apply …

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Top 10 Major Festivals of Nepal

tamu loshar festival

Festivals holds specific importance in different cultures. The immense significance of festivals lies in the fact that it brings together the entire country.  They teach a feeling of love, harmony, peace, and brotherhood among the citizens of the country.  Apart from generating the atmosphere inside the country, festivals also send a message to the outsiders. It represents the cultural and national identity of a country to others  Nepal is one such country which houses several …

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Top 15 best treks in Nepal

kanchenjunga circuit trek

With over 2,00,000 trekkers floating in every year, Nepal is home to eight of the world’s tallest mountains and innumerable treks. Are you planning a trek in Nepal? Are you still in the research phase? Well then, you have reached the right place! I have collated a list of Top 15 Treks of Nepal based on multiple factors including the time involved, the difficulty levels and the increase of the number of trekkers. What’s more, …

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Top 10 Highest Mountains in Nepal

Mount Everest highest mountain in Nepal

Life’s perfect view lies in the altitude of nature. Nepal, the land of peaks falls in the lap of Himalayas. Nepal is also known as the country of elevations due to the huge range of mountains falling in its geographical territory. The country is full of mountain peaks ranging from heights of 5,357 m (Gokyo RI) to extreme highs of 8,848 m (The Mount Everest). Natural beauties like waterfalls, intense forests, high mountain passes, and …

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Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost

Annapurna circuit trek cost

Annapurna circuit trek which takes from about 15-22 days to complete is one of the most preferred and famous trekking destinations. Since it is quite a variable journey, the budget also extends or deduces with the total days you spend. The actual amount any trekker spends in Annapurna circuit trek is totally a subjective figure, but the average amount required or needed to complete the trek can be assumed beforehand.  So I have tried to …

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Best Time To Trek The Annapurna Circuit

Best time to trek annapurna circuit

Known to be a trekkers dream, Annapurna circuit trek is one of the most famed trekking destinations in Nepal. The astonishingly beautiful landscapes, breathtaking mountain ranges, sparkling rivers, frequent gorges and caves, and diverse trails, all account for emphasizing the aesthetics of this circuit area. If you are planning to experience and witness the beauty of mesmerizing hills and Himalayas and want to know about the most preferable time to trek in the Annapurna circuit, …

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